2013 Avon Walk Video Contest

Every Walker and Crew member has a unique story to tell. Whatever yours is, we wanted to see it!

For all those Avon Walk participants who made a thoughtful video this year, we thank you.

See the prizes

Grand Prize Winner

Roni (Santa Barbara 2013 winner)

Local Winners

Deb (Charlotte 2013 winner)

Renee (San Francisco 2013 winner)

Merissa (Boston 2013 winner)

Alison (Houston 2013 winner)

Michelle (New York 2013 winner)

Brandie (Chicago 2013 winner)

Sharon (Washington DC 2013 winner)

Ivona (Houston 2013 winner)


Winners from each Avon Walk city were contacted approximately one week before their event and received the following prizes*:

From the local winners, an overall winner was selected and announced Nov. 15, 2013. In addition to the items to the left, the grand prize winner will receive a special Avon Walk package*:

  • A Reebok gift card for a free pair of custom shoes. You choose the style and color! (Above: sample only)
  • An OtterBox case for your mobile device. You choose the style and color! (Above: sample only)
  • Your video will be posted on the Avon Walk website home page, and also on our YouTube page.
  • You’ll be recognized Saturday night for a round of applause at your Avon Walk!

  • Avon Walk track jacket, shirt, hat, & water bottle
  • $200 fundraising credit to any 2014 Avon Walk event!

*Prizes subject to change. We will make every effort to provide items in the sizes or styles that winner(s) request.


Your video must be:

  • specific to your Avon Walk journey
  • between 1 and 4 minutes in length
  • created in 2013

Having trouble getting started?
Consider answering one or more of these questions in your video:

  • Why are you doing the Avon Walk this year?
  • Who are you walking for?
  • How do you train? (action shots welcome!)
  • How are you raising money for the cause?

You must be a registered 2013 Avon Walk participant to enter. Residents of Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Vermont are not eligible.

Questions? Ask us on Facebook!


You must have published your video and completed the entry form by your city's deadline. All deadlines have now passed:

Houston: March 29
Washington DC: April 12
Boston: May 6
Chicago: May 20
Santa Barbara: Aug. 16
San Francisco: Sept. 6
New York: Oct. 8
Charlotte: Oct. 8