New York Teams

Register, start, or join a team:

There are many advantages to participating in the Avon Walk as part of a team. Camaraderie. Support. Someone to talk to as you train. Help with fundraising. Someone always there to remind you why you’re doing this, especially on those days when it’s easy to forget.

About Avon Walk Teams

A team is a group of two or more registered individuals. It might be a naturally-formed group, like co-workers, neighbors, or families. It could be a group of people with something in common — people over 60, people traveling from the same state to a distant event, men supporting wives going through breast cancer treatment, two-time survivors. Or it could be a group of people with nothing in common, who just decided to form a team! Maybe you’re all life-long friends or maybe you’ve never met face-to-face. It’s entirely up to you. Teams can consist of all Walkers, all Crew Members, or a combination of the two.

Team Requirements

  1. Two or more people who have registered (and paid the $50 registration fee) as either Walkers, Crew members, or a combination of the two.
  2. Each registered Walker has committed to raising the $1,800 fundraising minimum.

Team Advantages

If you have already registered as an individual and would like to join a team, please e-mail your Team Coordinator (see link above) with your name and participant number, the name of the team you'd like to join, and the password for the team, if required (your team captain would have this information).

Top 10 New York teams:

  1 -  Team Avon ($300,360.46)
  2 -  Solo Strutters USA ($286,814.21)
  3 -  Sole Ryeders & Friends ($151,770.60)
  4 -  NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital ($71,432.81)
  5 -  The Breast-Fast Club ($69,712.77)
  6 -  2014 New York Youth Crew ($67,458.56)
  7 -  Pink Crusaders ($66,722.99)
  8 -  Wellness Warriors ($57,633.64)
  9 -  Pink Links ($55,167.70)
  10 -  Amy's Girls ($47,847.00)