Avon Walk for Breast Cancer Crew information

Charlotte 2014: CREW IS CLOSING

Last chance to Crew in 2014! We’re nearly at our full capacity of registered Crew members here in Charlotte! If you want to participate as a Crew member, don’t delay—register today!

A Crew member’s participation in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer is dedicated to taking care of the Walkers. Working sun-up to sun-down (and sometimes longer) throughout the entire Avon Walk weekend, Crew members do just about everything! But the reward for this hard work is admiration and gratitude from the Walkers. They could not complete this journey without you.

For more information, contact the Charlotte Event office at (617) 722-4140 or crew.charlotte@avonwalk.org.

Each Crew member is required to pay the $50 registration fee. While there is no fundraising requirement for Crew members, we highly encourage you to do so, and you will receive the same fundraising tools and support as the Walkers! Last year, the Avon Walk Crew raised more than $570,000, making an enormous difference in our fight against breast cancer.

We recommend attending a Crew Orientation Meeting to learn the basics of the Avon Walk and all that’s involved in being a Crew member. Approximately 4-6 weeks prior to the Walk, we’ll also hold a Crew training event that's mandatory for new Crew members, and recommended for returning Crew members. This will serve as your final preparation for the Avon Walk weekend. 
Young people (ages 10-16) can participate and experience the entire Avon Walk event! Learn more

Please see detailed Crew job descriptions below. When choosing a Crew preference, please keep in mind the physical requirements of that job. Crew members work many long hours on their feet, and many jobs require lifting. All positions listed are for the entire weekend and you must be 18 years old to register. We look forward to working with you!