Train Smart

Walking 39.3 miles in 2 days is an exhilarating goal — even more monumental when it’s fueled by a passion to end breast cancer. Even if you’ve never walked very far, you can participate in the Avon Walk with the right preparation. Reebok fitness experts have created plans and tips specifically for Avon Walkers to help you go the distance — no matter how far you plan to walk, or when you start to train. So get going today!

Go the Distance: Avon Walk Training by Reebok

Our training program features 16-, 12-, and 8-week training plans, plus great tips and advice from Reebok fitness expert Amy Dixon. Regardless of your fitness level, these programs start gradually and help you grow stronger and more confident.

Once you register, you’ll be connected to a wealth of training tools, all designed to build your endurance and strength:

  • Training Log: Keep track of your training and stay motivated.
  • Organized Training Walks: Volunteer-led training walks in your area are a great way to meet other Walkers who’ll be participating in the event with you!
  • Walker Coach: Helps you choose a training program, connects you with local Training Walks, and answers any questions you may have.
  • Discounts from local businesses: Avon Walkers and Crew receive great deals on socks, shoes, water bottles, and more!

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